Friday, May 22, 2009

What Do Sad Vegans Eat?

I think about this blog a lot. I think about all the posts I want to write but never have time to. There's a full-time job, a long commute, a boyfriend in another city, and, truthfully, Facebook. All of which have conspired to make me neglect what has been such a lovely outlet to have.

I've been sad, y'all. Sad about being lost and overwhelmed. I know I'll get through this patch. I've been through worse and, yes, like my grandmother and your grandma used to say, there are people starving somewhere so get over yourself. But sometimes it is hard to get over yourself. Sometimes I just want to wallow. Most times I am scared.

That's when I eat grilled cheese.

Oh, how I loved to melt all sorts of cheeses on all sorts of breads in my pre-vegan days. Nothing cheered me up more than melted cheddar on white bread or ooey gooey pizza. I haven't had those in a while. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them every once in a blue moon (but not that much, cheesecrackheads). Especially pizza. It's not often that you can buy something so cheap and yummy that you can eat with one hand. Other than frozen Amy's pizza and the divine pizza I had at Bella Faccia Pizzeria in Portland, I've not eaten much pizza since going vegan.

Then I found my new favorite blog, Quarrygirl. That blog makes me want to go back to LA because the last time I was there, I was still eating dead animals and, though I spent the trip with vegans and ate at many vegan restaurants, I did not fully appreciate the food at the time. I just really wanted In and Out Burger (I think the vegans held me hostage). But Quarrygirl has done more than make me long for the sunny west coast. It's brought grilled cheese back into my life. See, there's this new cheese called Daiya and it is the fucking bomb. Teese was supposed to be the bomb and I enjoyed the pizza I made with it but it did not rock my world. Daiya rocks my world, makes it yummy in my tummy. And there's no soy (although I am not averse to that much maligned bean; as an aside, no one freaks out over chickpeas the way they do over soybeans. I'm just saying) or weird stuff. There's some cassava and coconut oil and vegan enzymes and other magical wonders and what you do is sprinkle some on some Earth Balanced bread and you make yourself a grilled cheese. It's melty, salty, CHEESY. It tastes like cheese. When you cut your grilled cheese in half, you will have strings of melted cheese galore. And I am still close enough to not being vegan to assure you that it does really taste amazing.

I have no pictures because I'm too greedy and sad to take a picture of this grilled cheese sandwich. I just need to eat. And I'm not linking to where you can buy it. Not because I hate you. I love you. It's just that, well, it's not been officially released so the vegan store that is selling it is shredding it themselves direct from the company. And if you order one bag, they are going to ship it to you in tons of styrofoam because it needs to be in a cooler. And I'm just not down with that. So, wait. It'll be out in stores soon enough.