Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Fridays: Helping You (and me) Procrastinate

* Addicted to Race is a podcast hosted by Carmen Van Kerckhove, co-founder of many fabulous blogs (Racialicious, Anti-Racist Parent, and Race in the Workplace), which focuses on "America's obsession with race." The first podcast I listened to was, "Where are all the bloggers of color?" (Hello. Right here. Just because you can't enter "blogs + colored" in google search and find the one domain we're all supposedly hanging out in doesn't mean we're not here! Wow!). Addicted to Race tackles what I just put in parens beautifully. I'm currently listening to the episode on celebrity adoptions and they are so right on. And while I'd love to link to the individual episodes, the page is not working right now so just visit the site and scroll through a bit.

* Jezebel is sorta old news but I just finally decided that I need to read them every day and I love their biting, feminist, silly, and serious commentary on such subjects as, "Is Amadinejad hot?" and "Does it suck standing next to Angelina Jolie at the Clinton Global Initiative?" It's like eating organic junk food. Somewhat naughty but oh so good.

* Brian and I are going to the Cloisters this weekend with his friends in Brooklyn. We'll also be stopping at Moo Shoes so I can buy winter shoes and, of course, eating vegan cupcakes of some sort.


Brian said...

I plan to bring my camera this weekend. We deserve to play the tourist role every now and again!Maybe then I can contribute something to Mutual Menu of the same caliber as your CAS photo-essay. You're amazing, and I can't wait to sit down to dinner like two worms in the Big Apple (although, after last Sunday's apple-picking escapade, I think I've had my fill of fruit!). XOXO

Sky said...

Moo-shoes?? I'm so jealous. Definitely on my December agenda. I should probably start saving now because on plan on doing major damage in that place. :) Have a great time!