Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Fridays: Some Ladies For You

I’ve ordered Nigella Express from Amazon but it will not be here in time for the book signing at Williams Sonoma Columbus Circle on Sunday. It will be here in time for the Q&A and signing at Whole Foods on November 15, though. Oh dear, Nigella Lawson and me in the same grocery store would be a culinary dream come true. Much like this magazine cover might be to Brian. A busty lady in a 1950’s polka dot frock bringing him dessert on a silver tray? Died and went to heaven, that’s right.

Here's an interview with Nigella, where she details the stash she keeps by her bed to whet her appetite at all times and talks about the possibility of marketing "beds with troughs." How can you not love that.

Girl with a Satchel (GWAS) is my new favorite blog. It is the blog I would have started had I went on to indulge my magazine obsession rather than my food one. Each day, deputy editor of the Australian teen magazine, Girlfriend, Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) reviews a different magazine, rating it anywhere between a 1 (“To the recycling bin!”) to a 10 (“I’m going to laminate every page and archive it.”). She revels in all things girly, shiny, and pretty but a very sharp, smart, feminist perspective informs the reviews. The only bad thing to come of this new find is, I can’t locate the Aussie magazine Frankie in any local bookstores. From the sound it, Frankie might be a wonderful replacement for my now-deceased Jane subscription (Glamour is nice--she tries hard, means well, does the right thing, always irons her blouse, indulges in a cocktail or two--but doesn’t have the staying power through multiple reads that a subscription-worthy magazine should have). GWAS also shouts out Judy Blume’s BLOG, which I didn’t even know existed. And GWAS calls breasts "boozies!" Yay!

Myra Kornfeld’s blog, Myra’s Table, offers cooking tips and thoughts. She even writes about the class I took with her in September and recounts us all nearly passing out from all the delicious carbs we created and ingested late into the evening.


Sky said...

It will soon be all your fault that I get nothing done. I love you.

Brian said...

Thanks for the frocks and boozies, my love! I'm glad you decided to do Mutual Menu instead of reviewing Oprah's magazine. With the exception of gazing at your beauty, how many times can I really look at the same person!

Are you there God? It's me, the Mutual Menu!