Monday, April 7, 2008

Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur

Last week, I mentioned that Brian went to hear Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, speak at University of Pennsylvania Law School. I would have gone myself but during a work week, it's damn near impossible to get from northern New Jersey to Philadelphia in a timely fashion. Being the amazing person that he is, Brian picked up a copy of Gene Baur's new book, Farm Sanctuary. Not only that, the author also signed the book to both Brian and me, "Thank you for caring."

I was a bit alarmed when I first saw the wrapped package on my bed this weekend (with lovely wrapping paper from the dollar store, no less!). I thought maybe I had forgotten some obscure holiday and had no gifts to bear. No, it was just Brian being his usual awesome self.

I have not started reading it yet but I've been flipping through it and have already been moved to both smiles and tears by the stories and pictures of the animals on the sanctuary and of those still trapped and tortured on factory farms. I can tell that it's incredibly well-written and thoroughly researched so I urge you to pick up a copy to read.


Sky said...
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Sky said...

Totally going to get this and leave it out on my coffee table for all my friends to look at. Thanks!