Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today's Lunch: The Good News & The Bad News

I went out to lunch with some colleagues today at a very nice, spacious restaurant not far from my job. I wasn't able to check out the menu beforehand so I was a little worried about finding something to eat. I was, however, relieved to find that I could easily order a decent salad by requesting that mine come sans animal parts. I wasn't hungry for much more than a salad anyway.

Good news: Without any prompting, the waiter told our table that the mushroom soup contained chicken broth and cream and added, "Just want to let you know in case that's a problem for anyone." Wow. That was refreshing. The pureed garbanzo bean soup with croutons and balsamic glaze sounded promising but he said--again, without any prompting--it contained cream. How great that the waitstaff didn't just assume everyone eats animal-based broth. Also, the foccacia was delicious.

Bad news: I ordered a salad with wontons, oranges, avocado and ginger dressing without chicken. When my salad came, there was a huge hunk of chicken leg and thigh sitting next to it. Not those innocuous-seeming hunks of chicken breast that are so ubiquitous on restaurant salads--a big, old piece of chicken. Anyways, I quickly said, "Oh, no chicken," and they took it back with no problem and gave me my salad on a new plate.

I came out as a vegan to one of my co-workers when he asked if I was vegan. I hate talking about it even though I know it's part of being a "good" vegan. It's just, well, I like to eat in peace. Nothing gets my back up like people dissecting what goes into my mouth. I'd much rather blog and blab when there's no food around.


Anonymous said...

"I'd much rather blog and blab when there's no food around."

Have you ever read Carol Adams' Living Among Meat Eaters? I feel bad recommending it now that I know Adams is transphobic, but it does have some advice I found useful in it (maybe interested peeps could just buy it used or get it from the library?)... one piece being that you should avoid discussing veganism, or what you do/don't eat, when there is food around (mealtimes, etc.). Because it just heightens the tension & makes people even more defensive, etc. I'm not the best at following this but I try to!

Sky said...

I'm with you Joselle. I just want to eat in peace gosh darnit. Not always possible, however, so I just put on my trusty smile and try to stay off the high horse. This annoying conversation is one of the downfalls of eating this way - but just think of all the positives! They definitely make up for having to act as the representative for vegans every now and again. :)

Joselle said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, Johanna and Sky.

Johanna, I just read the piece by Mirha-Soleil Ross reposted on Veg Porn ( and I have to say, I'm turned off from reading Carol Adams now. What she did enrages me!!!!! So cruel.