Monday, January 5, 2009

Vegans of Color on Animal Voices

In December, Johanna, founder of the blog Vegans of Color, and I did an interview with Animal Voices. It originally aired on the Toronto radio station, CIUT last month and is now up on the Animal Voices online archives. Thank you to Johanna for allowing me the opportunity to blog on VoC and sit in on this interview. It was nerve-wracking but the host and producer, Lauren Corman, and the technician and DJ, Karol Orzechowski, were incredibly warm and friendly and their kindness and preparedness definitely put me at ease (so did having Brian in the room while I did the interview). Overall, the experience was very fun and productive.

Please take a listen to the interview and check out the other Animal Voices shows. It is definitely one of my favorite radio shows and podcasts. Animal Voices was instrumental in my transition to a vegan life and it is crucial in keeping me informed and dedicated.

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