Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is just a Nigella Lawson fan blog after all, isn't it?

Oh happy day. A new Nigella Lawson cookbook comes out in the US this November. I will be there with bells on. Look at how lovely the cover is. And it's fast food, my favorite. I am not a slaver in the kitchen. I love to cook but I adore eating so the faster I get to eat, the happier I am. Oh, yay.

Picture courtesy of Nigella Lawson's official site.


urban vegan said...

Even tho' I'm vegan, I love Nigella (I just veganize her meaty recipes). I like how she brings sensuality back to cooking. I think Giada DeLaurentis' show is a complete rip off of Nigella's.

Joselle said...

I do like Giada but I had a coworker who made fun of her toothy way of enuciating words and how she says SPAGEYTEEEE so I can never take her entirely seriously. The cleavage shots are a total ripoff of Nigella.

Brian enjoys Nigella too. She was doing something with egg yolks and the way it was shot, the lighting and the camera angles, he was like, "Damn, even the egg yolks look sexy and quivering!" Food porn indeed!