Thursday, August 30, 2007

Break for Blogs

Blogging takes commitment, time, and energy. Commitment is something Joselle and I definitely share...but we seem to be lacking in the whole time and energy department these days. We want to eventually get to a point where we can blog every day; something that seems as distant as aspirations of eventually being able to prepare meals together on a daily basis. It's certainly possible. In fact, Joselle and I are planning on it.

Beyond just living in the same city and getting more frequent access to one of these here computers, we just want to create together. We'd like to follow in the footsteps of Compassionate Cooks and Vegan Freaks everywhere (Joselle is officially addicted to podcasts like I'm now addicted to the whimsical storytelling and television utopia of Northern Exposure). We also want to follow in the footsteps of people everywhere who pursue their passions and whatever brings them joy without inflicting pain on the rest of the world.

I find happiness in the solace of you, Joselle. I love the way you're here for me, even when you can't be here with me. And I'm so grateful for how you---as the evolving omnivore of this relationship---compel me toward an even greater personal commitment to the welfare of animals and environment.


Joselle said...

I don't know what to say except for thank you and I love you. People don't luckier than me in terms of finding someone like you. We'll be together in just two days, watching northern exposure and eating tofu hoagies. xo

Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought I had love fests on my podcast, but this is ridiculous! :) Keep speaking the truth, you two. Those are the only footsteps to follow. Take care!

Joselle said...

I hope no one puked.