Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming Soon: PDX & SFO. But First, a Picture & Poem

One of my best meals in Portland, Black Dragon Noodle Bowl from The Red and Black Cafe
Brian and I are home
Back from Portland and hillsides
But work awaits me
(so here is a teaser picture along with an unorthodox and bad haiku)


Sky said...

That does it - I'm definitely eating there next time I go. Just got back from Sublime though, which was one of the best meals of my life. Ft. Lauderdale is but a quick Jetblue away for you and Brian! ;) Now, back to vacation. See you soon, lady.

Taylor said...

Welcome back! Portland is supposed to be ultra vegan/veggie friendly. Must get there some day.

Joselle said...

Portland is definitely vegan/vegetarian friendly! It was so easy to find food. We even went to a fancypants place with tons of meat and not only did they give us a great vegan dish, they took off the cheese and gave us EXTRA veggie stuff without us even requesting it. And they didn't charge us more. When does that happen anywhere else?

I highly encourage a trip to Portland. It's so pretty. Brian and I want to move there.