Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Fridays: J-41 Kicks & Vegan Etsy

Straight from my favorite online spot for shoes, Alternative Outfitters. Are they not completely adorable? I wanted to purchase these before heading off to Portland and San Francisco (by the by, I do have half of my over 300 photos uploaded to Flickr and notes about what I want to post about the trip but still, no time to do the post justice. I am hoping there will be time before my next trip, whenever that is) but they were sold-out of my size. Bummer because I really could have used these well-cushioned and arch-supporting sneakers while tromping around Portland and up the hills of San Francisco. Now that I am home, though, the right size is mine. I will be rocking them until I am forced to wear socks in September or October.
If you need one more reason to procrastinate, check out the exhaustive blog, Vegan Etsy. One of my favorite team members so far is Emma's K9 Kitchen, who sells recipes for dog treats. I'm sure Luckie would go peanutty for the peanut butter carob cake. In addition to the seeming deliciousness of these treats, 100% of the proceeds to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. Thanks to the latest Vegan Freak Radio podcast episode for the heads up.

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