Sunday, June 17, 2007

Right Here, Right Now

Joselle and I traveled a handful of miles the other evening to see Cassandra Wilson in Manhattan's Central Park. We slipped into a virtual tub of amicable people and pleasant weather, after a quick stop at New York's Better Burger in Hell's Kitchen. Fast food has officially become hip in the veggie-conscious, green-bean world, apparantly. With McDonald's aesthetics and a diner sheen, this chain offers comparatively-pricey snacks for folks concerned about chemicals and animals in their quick-grab packets.

Yes, it's convenient and inspirational to find a vegan presence in a world of immediate gratification, but the packaged organics, prepared veggie slabs, and over-priced secret sauces still leave me feeling a bit empty. Maybe it's just the whole concept of a ragged concoction of veggie-consciousness and big business that makes me sad; or it could just be the changing face of our urban centers and the economic culture that feeds them. Even an alternatively refreshing fast-food vegan spot like Foodswings in Brooklyn's Williamsburg section faces defamation by a trite hipster clientele.

Who knows, man; maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just hungry and cranky, and afraid to look at my own greasy little mitts in the mirror. I know I can't survive on deep-fried fakeness and vegan cupcakes forever, and I think that scares me a little. That's one of the many reasons I'm so grateful to have Joselle in my life. We get to listen to Cassandra Wilson's recipe for "Come On In My Kitchen" to the tune of quality, homemade food preparation---all while spending some peaceful, appetizing, quality time together...right here, right now.

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