Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Foodie Blogroll (and some blueberries)

Mutual Menu is proud to have joined The Foodie Blogroll, developed by Jenn DiPiazza, creator of the blogs, The Leftover Queen and Travel Up Close. I'm having a lot of fun checking out these and the other sites on the blogroll. Please check it out and feel free to add your foodie blog to the mix.

Today's food front wasn't the best. There was a huge, chewy, and not entirely satisfying rice krispy treat from the Barnes and Noble's cafe and a bag of cheddar Sun Chips a while later. But that's what happens when your car battery dies in the swampy, summer heat of a Jersey strip mall parking lot. I waited about 3 hours for two AAA trucks to come: one to tell me my battery died and another one an hour later to replace it. So, I had my junk food. One of the highlights of the day (other than a lunch hour that turned into three hours) was the pint of blueberries a colleague gave to me. Just because. Just because the pint was only 99 cents at Stop and Shop so he handed some pints out to quite a few people. They're fresh from Hammonton, New Jersey and just sweet enough. Each berry is plump and not one that I've eaten so far is mushy or tasteless, which can often be the case with supermarket berries. I've packed a huge cupful to pour over my morning cereal at my desk tomorrow. I do wish it could be summer forever. With all the berries, peaches, plums, and nectarines, it sure does make getting in all the fruits I need and crave that much more pleasurable. Of course, I do love me some pink lady apples in the fall, but that post is just a few short months away.

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