Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Fridays: Please Feed the Animals

Strange things happen in and around my house when it comes to what animals eat. One, as I've mentioned before, my dog, Luckie, does not eat dog food. He usually eats ground turkey or roasted chicken with brown rice and veggies, which is supplemented with vitamins and a few organic and animal-by-product-free dog biscuits. Much as I try to make big batches of food for my dog (and myself) once or twice a week so I don't have to cook after work, I almost never do. Therefore I suffer needlessly through late-evening, after-work malaise while at a stove. Last night, I was in between two appointments (therapy for my back and then therapy for my head) and realized I had not cooked for the dog and had no food to cook. So I picked him up some steamed chicken with broccoli and brown rice. I picked up some black bean soup and a Limonata for myself.

Some people think that's weird. I mean, drinking lemon water and bean soup at the same time. Not the whole buying Chinese takeout for the dog.

Other animals around my house have been eating a lot of corn lately. We put out some ragged, dried out corn to make the front of the hearth look all autumnal. But this year, some very obese squirrels congregate in front of my house to dig up grass and, according to the dog sitter (uh huh. I said that), eat the corn. I just hope they don't get sick because those husks have been sitting around longer than I've been alive.

Lastly, many squirrels seem to be joining humans in the obesity epidemic. Brian and I noticed many obese squirrels while sitting in the park last weekend. In the beginning of the summer, we even saw one lugging around a bagel that was almost as large as its carrier.

What this all means is, most animals who live with or near me are eating better than me lately, which is why there is no picture of apple cake and no successful tempeh recipes (my one attempt failed miserably) this week.


Brian said...

Well, no apple cake, but we made a tasty vanilla cake treat! Like squirrels, we must prepare for the coming winter months.



Joselle said...

Yes, we made the world's best (and only?) vegan Vanilla Pretzel Pacman cake. Our cookbook is not far behind!