Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Friday: Kristin Hersh, Satya, eggs, moms and more

* Please listen to Kristin Hersh's latest offering on CASH Music, "Krait." I've been listening to it all morning long. It's haunting and gorgeous. It sounds like the ocean. Like being under an ocean wave. Like drowning in an ocean wave. Kristin Hersh is pretty much the only singer, musician, and songwriter who can blow my mind these days.

* I started eating an egg for breakfast one morning after several weeks without them and it totally grossed me out and filled me with guilt. So I gave the rest to the dog. That's just what happened to me when I stopped eating meat.
* Ecco Bella mascara is vegan and it doesn't have a lot of funkyass chemicals that flake into your eyeballs either. It's just as good--if not better--than some of the other mascaras I've used. I ordered some from Pangea The Vegan Store and it arrived the very next day with only standard shipping. That's crazy!

* Sky of Eats Well with Others drinks a green smoothie everyday. My grandmother was an avid juicer and my mom loves her Vita Mix so I figured it was time to follow in my matriarchs' footsteps. I made a smoothie of chard; coconut water; frozen mango, bananas, and berries; almonds; flax meal; and agave nectar and it was delicious. Later on in the week, I made a smoothie of romaine lettuce, kale, sprouts, coconut water, banana, frozen mango and berries, agave nectar, flax meal, and trail mix. This one tasted a bit more green because of the sprouts and wasn't so much a green smoothie as it was a brown-dark purple one but it was yummy nonetheless. I've had a smoothie for breakfast everyday this week.

* It was around Mother's Day last year that I decided to be a pescetarian. What kept me from going completely vegetarian was the fact that I took my mother out to lunch to Origin Thai in Somerville, NJ and got the Pla Rad Prik--crispy fried whole fish seasoned with tamarind, chili, garlic and sweet shallot sauce --and, well, that dish is admittedly really amazing. So, I decided I'd just give up eating land animals and keep eating fish, which I only ever really enjoyed if it didn't taste like fish. Well, this year I'm taking my mom there again, this time with Brian and this time as a near-vegan (that whole egg thing and popping a mini muffin that probably had dairy in it into my mouth are reasons for the near part). Origin Thai is a great spot for a mutual menu because, while they don't have many dedicated vegetarian or vegan dishes, they will happily accommodate you and say so on their web site and menu. Happy Mother's Day!
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Picture courtesy of CASH Music.

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